Shrek the Musical Jr.

Shrek the Musical is a one-of-a-kind, hilarious fairy tale in which curses are reversed, monsters get the girls, donkeys and dragons find love, and princesses are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. 

The show features many wonderful roles for singing actors and non-singing actors. Interested performers ages 8 to 18 are welcome to audition.

Auditions will be done in a 20 minute time blocks (which will be assigned to registered students based on age and/or availability. Once your group is assigned, there will be an email sent to you with your scheduled audition time) where individual evaluations will be made and then a quick group activity will wrap up the session. Actors will be given a short piece from the show to recite.  Singers will be tested for range and are asked to prepare 16 bars of a song that best showcases their voice. Everyone will be given a short dance routine to learn and perform.

Callbacks may be required for certain roles, and will be scheduled by the director as necessary. All Connecticut students are welcome and everyone who auditions will be included in the show. Any Questions, feel free to contact us at 203-245-2689 or

If there is a need for financial, behavioral, medical, or any other assistance, please contact us at 

***Please bring completed audition packet and a small picture of student.***


Once registered, you will recieve a confirmation email and will be given a time slot for your audition. 

Please Click HERE to register for January 6th Audition Date

Please Click HERE to register for January 10th Audition Date

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