Parents & Policies

Parents & Policies

Welcome Parents! The Friends of Madison Youth, “The Barn” greatly appreciate the assistance of our volunteers, and parents.  We would not be able to operate without it.  From our volunteer Board of Directors, to our wonderful parent chaperones, to your cooperation and support with enforcing our policies and procedures, we owe a great deal to the community. We encourage you to stop in, take a look around, give us your feedback and (hopefully) get involved.

Through the enforcement of these policies and procedures, it is our goal to keep your kids safe and supervised.

  1. Most activities are separated by age groups, high school events are NOT intended for middle school students. Middle School activities tend to be segregated by grade (i.e. 8th grade only). Please check our listings to make sure your child is planning to attend an appropriate event.
  2. Proper Supervision.
  • Activities will have a ratio of 1 adult chaperone to every 25 children.
  • 7th grade and up will have hired security personnel (or a police officer when available) in addition to the required chaperones.

3.Substance Free Environment

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs are not tolerated at the Barn.

4.No Reentry

  • To help maintain the safety of everyone, no student is allowed to leave and reenter the facility.

5.  No wandering

  • Middle school students are not allowed to leave without a parent/guardian picking them up.


  • We work hard to limit personal displays of affection, especially at the middle school level. While we cannot universally enforce every questionable action, we strive to create a wholesome atmosphere.

7.Open Communication

  • We want to hear from you. Should you have questions regarding our programs or concerns post-event, please call (203) 245-2689) or email


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