Madison Arts Barn Skate Park gets a facelift

Madison college and high school students lead by Charlie Stemen have recently been working hard on giving the Madison Arts Barn Skate Park a facelift.

With support and donated paint by the Friends of Madison Youth Board, Charlie, his brother Nate, and a number of their friends have repainted the whole park with a graffiti style paint job. James Munro has also been tearing down the dilapidated park features and taking care of overgrown weeds and leaf piles.

The spruce up was initiated by Charlie Stemen who wrote a letter to the FMY Board and was later invited to a FMY Board meeting. The Board approved the project and a skateboard and video editing camp that Charlie proposed to run in August. The cleanup is in anticipation of the camp. Take a look at the pictures to give you an example of their creative works.

One thought on “Madison Arts Barn Skate Park gets a facelift”

  1. The cost of the paint for the updated look was actually donated by Coach Bill Barker’s Madison Hoop Dreams. Bill Barker has been a member of the FOMY board since it was founded. Throughout the years, Bill has generously given funds to support the youth in Madison through the Arts Barn as well as numerous other organizations in town and along the shoreline.

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