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Hello and welcome to MadBarn Productions.

In the many years that The Barn has been open, there have been many plays, musicals, murder mysteries and more. Recently our stage has transformed to accomodate our space and growing programs. With a 50′ silk screen backdrop that can reflect a projection, Extended stage sections, and several options for actors to enter and exit the stage, the space now provides an incredible experience for audiences. We are equipped with many of the things it takes to have a fantastic production due to many donations in years past, but as time goes on and technology continues to advance we frequently find ourselves in the need of new equipment. Please contact if you are able to assist us in our quest for donations of goods, services, or money to help our ever stretching budget.

Here were some of our previous productions:

Summer Murder Mystery: Murder She Rhymed

Murder She Rhymed @ The Barn. Another awesome murder mystery!

Posted by Madbarn Productions on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Beauty and the Beast: May 2018


Posted by Madbarn Productions on Monday, May 14, 2018


Elf Jr. 2017