Acting Workshops & Clubs

MadBarn Productions Presents: Workshops and Clubs!

Have you ever been accused of being spontaneously funny and/or dramatic?  Do you drive your parents, teachers and siblings a little crazy with your impressions and unplanned mini-skits at the worst possible times?  If so, you are probably a natural improviser and you may not even know it!  Improvisational theatre is “off the cuff” or unscripted acting, and has always been a favorite of our young actors who take part in improv games as a part of their rehearsal process for our shows. We thought, why not offer a “club” where teen actors (13+) can meet once weekly (Fridays 4:30-6:30) to learn improv techniques and practice in a safe, encouraging environment, with the option to try them out one night per month at our Coffee House nights? Even if you think you are “not good enough” or “not funny enough” to do this, Ms. Lara assures you that she can teach you tricks to make you feel confident enough to perform in front of your club-mates, if not in public right away.  She promises it will be fun and (mostly) painless. Muahahahahaha. Open to kids 13 and up – Runs weekly from 1/12 – 3/16 Meets most Fridays 4:30-6:30 and one night per month we have pizza and kids get free admission to our monthly Coffee Houses from 7-10 where kids can perform on stage or just hang out and play games. The club membership is $175

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